Attention to a Vibration

Find a subject.  Focus on something you want.  Think about having an abundance of money.  I am going to think about being financially abundant and secure.

I need to find a good feeling related to being financially abundant.  Focus on the feeling.  Focus on the vibration.  Let it build.  Let the energy of that feeling grow.  Find ways to make that vibration stronger.  It is so important, but so easy, I don’t do it.  The mind has to play tricks.  The mind says “All I have to do is have an amazing feeling vibration related to financial abundance and I will be rich? Yeah right.”  But that is all that it takes. I also, get spoiled.

Why is that important?  Everything on this planet is energy.  E=MC2.  Duh.  Einstein.  Everything is vibration.  So, there is a law, that manages all vibrations.  A law that brings all like vibrations together.  Law of Attraction.  What really is Law of Attraction? I need to know more about that.  But what I think I do know is, if you are vibrating at the same frequency as abundance,  you will only attract, people, places and things that are vibrating at the same frequency.

What is financial abundance and what does that vibration look and feel like? Financial abundance could look like an opportunity.  An amazing job opportunity.  An amazing meeting.  An amazing introduction by a friend.  Financial abundance could look like a person.  Someone of extreme wealth could be attracted to your energy.  Have you ever wanted to hang out with someone really badly.  There was something about that person.  That has to be law of attraction managing like energies and brining them together.  Financial abundance could look like resources.  A book, which is energy (I guess, but weird), could be given to you.  A financial play book.

I guess I am expecting some magical, unexplainable way for money to come into their life.  They are looking for a miracle.  They are over looking how simple it all is.  Everything is energy.  Feel amazing and vibrate in way that will match you with people, places and things that are also vibrating financial abundance .

I also think I am spoiled.  I expect to it all to happen right now.  I expect financial abundance to appear immediately.  I say “Hey! I feel good about money, where is my money!?” LOL.  I don’t think it works that way.  It is not a college diploma.  Vibrating at a financially abundant frequency, has to be something that gets weaker or stronger.  It is not something that stays the same.

That was another thing Einstein discovered.  Nothing is sitting still.  It is moving, vibrating, pushing, pulling, etc.  That is a really good reason Tony Robbins gets paid $1,000,000 a year for one-on-one coaching, with an 18 month waiting list, working with some of the top financial minds of the world.  They need a new push.  A new inspiration.   A revival.  In other words, a new inspiring vibration towards finances.

But my emotions are amazing.  They will let me know the “performance” of my vibration. Let will let me know where I stand with my attracting power.  My emotions will inform me if I am closer to attracting financial abundance or further way.  And it is quite simple.  If I feel bad about the subject of finances, I am further away from attracting financial abundance.  If I feel good, I am attracting financial abundance, or I am closer to attracting financial abundance.

That is why it important to not get spoiled or take for granted the amazing power of feeling good.  I cannot expect for finances to appear just because I said so.  I need to feel good.  Once I feel good my vibration will build.  Once my vibration builds, people, places and thing will being to appear in a powerful way.

Next, I will discuss ways to build that vibration.  In other words, ways to make it easier to feel good, which will build my vibration towards finances.  For now, that is all I have to say about that.


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