What I am Doing

As much as I can, I am going to positive content. I heard from Napoleon Hill, that teaching people about a subject will your improve your knowledge.

I recently watched Dr Strange.  The movie had a massive impact on my life.  It was an amazing reminder how powerful the spirit is and the impact the spirit can have on my physical experience.

The sun is 180,000 times bigger than the earth.  The sun is the 7.6 quadrillion times smaller than the biggest star in our galaxy, The Milky Way.  The Milky Way is one of thousands of different galaxies in the known universe.  Whatever created that.  Whatever source, God, Big Bang, etc.  is too much power to comprehend.  The movie Dr Strange theme is all about humans connecting to that power.

I believe that same power that built universes is connected to us and flow through us.  I loved that movie, because it reminded me to quite my mind, listen to my heart and spend more time trying to connect that with the source within me that creates worlds.

That will be the whole theme of this blog.  I will be dedicating my time and energy reading what I can.  I want to learn how powerful we really are, how to more connect to that power and leverage to create something meaningful and outstanding with my life.

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