Today’s reading was amazing.  I just finished my Gymnastic Body workout, which is awesome.  My body is torn apart from laziness and basketball.  My ankles have no mobility, nor do my hips, thighs and pretty much everything else on my body.  Gymnastic Bodies is a short 15 minute workout to open your entire body up.  Tim Ferris referred me and has a sign up bonus you can use here.   Anyways, I feel amazing got to read about Edison today.

Why was Edison able to accomplish what he did? How did he drastically effect the world we live in today?  How different would the world be right now if we did have motion pictures, electrical distribution in every house hold, or music.  I remember evacuating for Hurricane Matthew recently.  It was an easy and dark little world in Neptune Beach.  No power and no one in site.  A completely different world.  What Edison accomplished in his time insane.  At that time, there is no way it could have made logical sense to anybody.  It would be no different than you or I setting the course to invent a Harry Potter Wand or pursuing our careers of inventing time travel.  Yet he did and never cared what a person thought.

Anyways, I can get really off track.  Why did this come to fruition for Edison? You can read here about the fellas that tried and came short before Edison in creating an lasting incandescent light bulb.  So, why Edison? My simple answer is, the mother fer was OBSESSED! I was just reading about the how creative processes works and how attract people, places and things into your life.  Pretty simple.  A thought begins the attraction process, the more attention you give that thought the stronger that attraction gets.  The longer that last, the attraction becomes so powerful, you get immediate evidence.  So, then it becomes easier and easier to give your attention to a subject.  Pretty simple, right? Life is so damn hard and complicated, I just try, as best I can, to make life simple, by the way.

I think that really is why the people who are “successful” in our world today and why Edison was “successful.”  They are obsessed with an idea.  Steve Jobs said best in a a minute and a half minute clip.  “You got to love what you do…If you don’t, you will quit, right? Because you are sane.  Who would put up with this, if you didn’t love what you did.”   Not just desire, not just ambition, not just wanting to achieve a goal, not just status, but freaking obsessed.  Look up the word obsession on Dictionary.com.  It says obsession is “the DOMINATION of one’s thoughts or feelings by a persistent idea,image, desire, etc.” Pretty crazy.  Edison’s thoughts had to have been dominated by inventions. New ideas, new ways of bettering our planet.  I don’t know, but he had to have been obsessed.  Kevin Spacey, puts that idea very well too, when being interviewed by James Lipton, who is by the way, the best freaking interviewer on the planet.  Spacey says “To want to achieve, to want to be successful is not enough…To understand why you are doing what you are doing, to give every breath in your body to developing your particular talent…then there is nothing you can’t achieve.”  

In our world today, it is today is to not be obsessed.  We are so easily distracted.  Its like UP, the movie,  The golden retriever sees the old man, is obsessed and then goes, “Squirrel” and completely forgets about the old man.  I just believe that obsession with an idea or thought and continuous obsession with a thought or idea, will bring me success more than anything.  Dale Carnegie was obsessed with teaching Public Speaking & Influence, JK Rowling was obsessed with magic, Jordan was obsessed basketball, James Lipton was obsessed with learning from actors, Spielberg was obsessed with making films.  The list goes on.  They, like Edison dedicated their lives to their obsessions.

Remember a thought begins attraction process.  The more attention you give to that thought, the stronger the attraction gets.  The longer you give attention to that thought, the attraction has to happen.  Evidence will begin to appear.  I am going to try that this week.  I am going to pick something small to come obsessed about, that I want to achieve.  I will end where I started.  I am going to become obsessed with this 14 day trial on Gymnastic Bodies.  I am going to become obsessed with having an amazing feeling body.  I am going to become obsessed with the thought of being pain free, walking around comfortable, flexible, having my joints strong, walking up and down the stairs feeling as healthy as I have ever felt, enjoying the exercise, laughing at myself and having fun, making my wife happy, dunking a basketball again, running up and down the court faster and quicker than ever before, having amazing blood flow throughout my whole body.  I am going to become obsessed with that and hopefully I will have significant evidence that I did the right thing.  If that works, then I will figure out what to do with my life.

Goodnight, I love you all.


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