Tools of Titans

I wanted to switch gears (I do this a lot) and read Tools and Titans.  I wanted to make this blog post a little more business, mentally focused.  After all, the spirit can’t be unitized without its greatest tool fully developed, the mind.  Harry Potter or Gandalf would have been half the wizards they were without their wand.  Right?

So, here we go:

Big takeaways from Tools of Titans is the knowledge you are going to gain and why it is important to read.  For those of you who don’t know, Tools of Titans is modern day Think and Grow Rich, which was written by Napoleon Hill.  Tim Ferris, like Napoleon Hill, interviews the most successful women and men in their respected fields.  Napoleon Hill dedicated 25 years his life interviewing the Thomas Edisons, Henry Fords, Tom Wrigleys, Andrew Carnegies, Charles Schwabs and many more millionaires of the time, to find a formula of success.  Tim Ferris’s mission was not much different-to dissect each interviewee and determine what shortcuts, ideas, formulas or habits made them so successful.  Ferris does a great job explaining what you will learn in the book.  I am most looking forward to the following:

-“How to accomplish your 10 year goals in the next 6 months.”

-:The questions you ask yourself are your pickaxes and competitive advantage”

-More than “80%” of the successful people Tim Ferris interviewed “practice some kind of mindfulness or meditation.”  Watch the Showtime show, Billions.  Big part of what the main character, Axel Rod did.

-Most every successful person “has been able to turn obvious weaknesses and turn them into huge competitive advantages.”

-This one is my favorite.  “Everyone is fighting a battle you know nothing about. The most successful people in the world are no different.”  I think we single ourselves out and think we must be crazy, different, or even worse unsuccessful or will never have success because we feel horrible and depressed about an awful situation.  Sorry, we are not alone.  The most successful people in the world feel that way at times.  Knowing you are not alone, helps.

-“Information without emotion isn’t retained.”

Great ideas to look forward too.

I am obsessed with this idea and concept Tim Ferris had for this book.  I did this at one point in my career.  I just picked up the Jacksonville Business Journal and cold called Jacksonville’s most successful people at the time.  I just wanted to meet with them and understand what made them so successful.  It was a blast and very helpful.  I love that Tim Ferris has taken that idea and turned it into a book! People leave shortcuts, they leave clues on how to have success.

Tony Robbins has a good formula to accomplish any goal in your life.  He says “you have to first come up with a compelling vision for your life.  If you don’t know why you want to accomplish your goals, you never will.  You need to be inspired and pulled in the direction of your goals and not pushed.  A compelling vision and enough reasons, you can accomplish anything.  Second, you need a ROLE MODEL (Get it? Tools of Titans.  Book of role models).  Someone has accomplished exactly you are trying to accomplish, find out who and model their behavior.  Steal the shortcuts and ideas.”  Lastly he states, “you have to understand your personal psychology.  Why do you take 1 step forward and 2 steps back?”  That is a whole other blog post.

Hence, why I think this book is so powerful.  Coming up with a compelling vision and reasons to accomplish something is easy and fun.  This book is a handout to quite a lot of amazing role models.  I will be updating this blog with ideas and lessons learned from Tools of Titans.


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